"To Get Our Hands on This REALTOR Social
Media Package Cost Us Nearly $20,000.00
…And almost 12 Months of Our Time"

(and that’s on the cheap side…)



To My Realtor Friends,

Let me set the stage for you...

Two years ago, we started to hear mumblings about the websites “Facebook” and “LinkedIn”.  When we went to networking events, people would ask us “did you read that “blog post” or catch that video on “YouTube”?


We had spent our professional careers near the top of the business world, but zI have to admit, I was starting to get a bit nervous (okay, maybe more than a bit...) it seemed that a whole new business world was about to pass us by!

Previously, we had worked for major global corporations, participated in business deals valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and lead projects and teams across 28 countries on five continents. So why would we get the jitters now?

It's got to do with the speed the world was changing and the fact that no one was available to teach this to us!

We had NO fancy Powerpoint slides to learn from...NO notes to read...NO video to watch...and NO audio to listen to...

Pretty much nothing except the overwhelming desire to learn social media. 

We sat down for weeks on end, listening, researching, participating, and talking with anyone that would allow us a few minutes of their time.  Ironically, at the same time, we had been investors in real estate and found our investments, …no, our years of hard earned nest eggs simply disappearing before our eyes. 

Guess who we spent a lot of time talking to while we did all this social media research?  Realtors!


Then we found out that our book was named to the list of Top 100 Social Media Books Ever!


Look, for better or worse... we guess that we are considered one of those "social media gurus" now.

A lot of people don't like that phrase. To us, it's just a phrase. It means we've had some success.
So what does this have to do with you?

Remember when we told you we had been spending a lot of time with Realtors?  Well, they started asking us questions about teaching them social media.  Like you and I, they too saw the world changing right before their eyes.


By now, practically everyone has either heard of or used YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn,  Blogging and Twitter. There are hundreds more of these Social Media sites. 

To offset the deteriorating market, other Realtors had started using these sites to:

  • Increase their number of listings
  • Drive more foot traffic to their open houses
  • Allow them to more clearly communicate the message about who you are and their capabilities as a real estate expert.
  • Help them find, connect to and communicate with those that are most likely to need and want your real estate services.
  • Keep more expired listings
  • Learn how to increase their visibility to out of town buyers
  • Help them make more money in less time with less stress.
  • More aggressively market their properties (at no or very low cost)

In short, they were generating commissions from using social media in their day to day business.


The National xxxxxx published a stat that really caught our attention… Did you realize that 84% of all buyers and sellers began their search on the Internet? 


That wasn’t lost on our Realtor friends, who asked if we could share some tips with them.  Frankly, not having been Realtors, we told them we would eagerly study and research it to best offer little nuggets of insight, you know… quick little 15 minute-type items, that they might be able to use to generate business success.

Here's a small glimpse at what we shared:

Where to Begin

Proper Ways to Connect with the Communities

What They Need to Enhance Their Credibility,

How to Get More Clients

How to effectively use these sites for quicker and cheaper ways to reach larger RELEVANT audiences

The absolute easiest way to create appropriate presences on each unique site and… link them together in a bond that any professional marketer would envy.

The most overlooked (yet most powerful) ways to Relationship build.

Overlooked ways to effectively Brand themselves in Social Media

Quick and effective ways to separate A-players from the duds online

Top mistakes realtors make on social networks and how to avoid them

And of course… Best practices for utilizing online social networks to market properties

Because we are at the infant stages of this revolution, so many of us do not realize the power these tools hold for the way we do business.


In short, they went from clueless…

to being completely clued-in!

So we decided to expand our research and knowledge into a full blown package with real-world examples and more in-depth insight. It took a full year in this marketing journey and now it's finally ready to go.

Most importantly, given all the economic pain everyone has been suffering through, we wanted to create our own little Realtor Stimulus Package!


It is really Social Media made Simple.  We know people are overwhelmed with the day to day, trying to earn a living, so we took the most important things we learned in the last two years and are sharing them with you in bite size, easy to understand morsels.


Social Media Realtor Success  
(in only Minutes a Day)


Social Media Made Simple for Overwhelmed Realtors


Here’s what you will get:


The Social Media Student – A Video Parable



A Habit Forming 21 Day LinkedIn Program

Delivered to your Inbox daily.  It has been said that it takes 21 days to create a habit. In this simple to use program, set aside 15 minutes a day to get yourself effectively using this powerful social media tool.

Report – 10 Things Every Realtor Needs to Know about Twitter


Our Social Media Workbook


Webinar on Generating Your Own Extreme LinkedIn Makeover


Quick Start Guides for LinkedIn and Twitter

You get our brief, user friendly guides that help even the most technologically challenged to quickly open a free account on LinkedIn and Twitter


Total Value BUT…

because of our “stimulus plan”,

it will only cost $39 to the first 500 people to make a purchase!


The question we have for you is, do you know how to use these sites to GROW your business?  


So what’s your next step?


Your time is very valuable and we know that.  That’s why we have spent hundreds of hours researching, and preparing just the right info on how you can most effectively leverage Web 2.0 / Social Media so you don’t have to. 


FAST - No wasted time here. Get right to the heart of the matter without interrupting your busy schedule.


CONVENIENT - No airlines. No travel. No time out of the office.

Listen in from the comfort and convenience of your desk.


ACTIONABLE – This package provides money-saving, tactics you can start using right after you view the video or read the reports.

AFFORDABLE - Priced at $39, a fraction of the cost of travel and attendance fees for a bloated, high-priced conference or seminar.


It's Impossible For You To Lose


Allow me to explain...

First, you need to be willing to invest $39 to secure your spot. This covers our time in putting all this together for you, plus it ensures that only serious people apply.

This is only a bit more than a Starbucks a day across the length of the program!

Now ALL investments have risks.


There are two ways this investment can go for you.

First scenario: you put our Realtor Success strategies and tactics to work and CRUSH it with your marketing... In which case you're probably going to need a calculator to figure out what your return on investment is.

Second scenario: You just don't do anything with the material, or you get distracted, or it's just not your thing. Why not test it out and watch the video.  If you see that this is not for you, we offer a no-hassle, no-questions, 100% money-back guarantee, period! If you decide it's not for you, no harm, no foul. No hard feelings.

Now we don't know about you, but we sure would like to find more investments with those kinds of options.


Realtor Success is a program that blows the doors off the term “under promise and over deliver”. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can begin implementing these tips to rapidly grow your relationships and expand your realtor success.

YES! I want to purchase the Realtor Success Social


Media Package that will reveal strategies, tactics and ready-to-use marketing systems that will help me navigate the social marketing arena.

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That I'm committed to learning social media strategies from the Realtor Success team so I can generate more relationships, build my credibility and ultimately get more clients. I acknowledge that you, nor anyone else, have made any promises related to income or marketing results, as my income and marketing results are dependent on my efforts and business.


That I will receive the 21 day program via email every day once the program begins.



If you have any questions about the program please email us right away at info@imarket20.com or call 330-595-5353.